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Phobia August 7th My, (somewhat belated) Birthday [Jul. 17th, 2009|05:58 pm]
Agoraphobia Productions



Phobia Atlanta Georgia BDSM Goth Industrial Fetish Play PArty After Hours Full Bar Dominatrix Mistress Tabby

August 7th 10 pm to 6am Be sure not to miss Phobia August 7th not only is it a party you’re sure to remember, but, there will be NO Phobia in September so everyone can enjoy Dcon. The dance floor will be packed in by DJs Aesthetic, and 313. Get ready for some old school Chamber debauchery when Atlanta Dominatrix Mistress Tabby celebrates her B-day with some good ole sadistic torture. Our hostess will be ONI, our Dungeon will be open all night and kept Safe, Sane, and Consensual by scene legend Master Chuck. Come out and stay all night having naughty fun, for $15 or $12 in Fetish Gear! The Spring4th Center @ 728 Spring Street Atlanta Georgiahas a full bar now, but we will still have our infamous Euro-style dungeon. Flyer photo courtesy of Marilyn Chen Photography Ally is under the mask.
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